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Our Story

What or who is a Yanman?

While the name Yanman started as a fun play on owner Steve Yanni's last name, Yanman Photography has grown to mean quality workmanship and photographic excellence.

Steve (Pictured here with Angela his wife, and Elizabeth his daughter) started photography over 20 years ago as a hobby (although he will never admit he is old enough for that.), and continues to bring his passion to his work today.

"We have to treat every event for what it is, a once in a lifetime affair with hundreds of memories to be captured for countless generations to enjoy. That is a very big responsibility." -Steve Yanni

In what little spare time they have Steve and Angela enjoy time with their seven-year-old Elizabeth.


OK, so why not just call it Steve Yanni Photography or Yanni Photography?

We are proud to say that Yanman Photography is more than just one person and even more than just one team every now and then. Steve has had the pleasure of sharing his style with two other photographers, and they are part of the Yanman team. His team shares his vision and style, while adding there own visual flair. So rest assured we have your memories covered, from backups to huge events that require us to be two or even three places at once.

In addition to the photography team, we have partnered with a team to provide video. With up to three cameras, and two dedicated videographers they can offer the best of sight and sound. With this partnership we can do what only a very few others can . . . integrate photographs with your video memories.

And we can’t forget our assistants, they keep our batteries charged and make sure we don’t walk backwards over any cliffs.

With your help our team will continue to grow into the future.

Images to the right provided by: Top - Shari Zellers Bottom - Corryn Goldschmidt