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 The two biggest hyped items at the show had to be HDTV and DVD audio. Now HDTV is already shipping, but none of the people we talked to would give us a firm date on DVD audio. Sometime this year for sure.

 Here is a HDTV set from Zenith.


Every now and then I had the feeling that there were one or two things that we shouldn't be seeing but somehow managed to get a peek at. This next picture is of some prototype portable DVD players. I covered up the names just in case.  There where portable DVD players everywhere, inside cars, in computers, on wrist watches, ok that last one isn't true (yet) just checking to see if you are awake.

As if DVD audio wasn't enough, here is the next reason to replace your DVD player.

Again no solid info on when this technology will be available, but the specs were printed in the photo below.

Now for those of you that can't read this (can anyone?) I jotted down what it says.

Storage Capacity: 27.4 Gigabytes (Single-side/Dual Layer)
Resolution 1920x1080
Playback time 4 hours (Average Compression Rate of 15MBPS)

Now there is a lot more to this, but since all of this stuff is subject to change lets just leave it at that.

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