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DVD Review by Yanman


"Every man dies, not every man really lives…"

If there is truly a genre of films as the "chick-flick", them Braveheart would be the opposite of this. Yes I know there is the love story, which starts it all, still this is the story of war, right of heritage, strength and revenge. If you like these things this will be your type of movie, those who don't appreciate blood and guts, need not apply. While the video quality is poor, and the sound and extras are just average, fans of the movie should not hesitate to add this to their "must owns" list.

It is an early in Scotland's history and they find themselves without a king of their own. The king of England is a tyrant of a man; he rapes, murders, plunders, and wreaks every other imaginable havoc on "his" people. He has claimed Scotland as his own, and at first no one is able to rise-up to challenge his authority.

This all changes when William Wallace's (Mel Gibson whom also directs) new wife is killed by one of the king's men. Hell may know no fury like a woman scorned, but that is nothing compared to the hell on earth that Wallace releases on the English. Is it possible for one man to bring down an empire?

Now we have read some reviews of this DVD that say that the video quality here is "superb" or some other version of better then normal. Well, some one is blind; it's either them or us. Because, this one has a large amount "film dirt", black or white spots or scratches, throughout the entire film. On any big screen these should be clearly visible, leaving us to wonder "what are you guys out there reviewing this stuff on, a 7 inch screen?" Dirt aside, there are no other noticeable problems with the video, colors look good and there are no noticeable artifacts.

The 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack has its moments in the sun, with one or two of the battle scenes standing out for their deep bass. Nothing here to make it outstanding though, we're giving it only a average ranking.

As is the case with most things, the longer you wait for something the more you expect from it. That is the case here with the Braveheart DVD, collectors and serious fans have been waiting a long time, and expectations have been high. But the extras (there are at least two) here still leave us asking for more. There is one of our favorite extras here, a director's (and in this cast lead actor, Mel Gibson) commentary. This extra in itself is not that impressive however with long periods of silence, where apparently Gibson is busy watching the film, instead of commenting on it. Come on Mel…tell us what your thinking…

Some movies are just worth owning, regardless of the picture quality, sound or extras. Braveheart is that kind of movie, it will be on fans shelves no matter what, this fan included. Is there a special edition boxed set in the future? Who knows, but if there is we will own that too. …. FREEEEEDOM!


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Is it possible for one man to bring down an empire?


Mel Gibson

Directed By:

Mel Gibson

Running time: 177 Min.  
Rated: R 
Genre:  Drama

Bonus Materials

  • Commentary by director Mel Gibson

  • Theatrical trailer(s)

  • A Filmmaker's Passion - The Making of Braveheart (Behind the Scenes Documentary)

  • Widescreen anamorphic format