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It's a Wonderful Life

DVD Review By Yanman


What would the world be like if you never walked in it? This is the question that this timeless classic sets out to answer.

Based on a short story "The Greatest Gift", which he sent out with his Christmas cards to friends one year. The story follows George Bailey (James Stewart), from his youth though events that will lead him to the brink of his own suicide on Christmas Eve. When family and friends request divine intervention, a angle, hoping to gain his wings after 300 years, is sent to earth to remind George why a human life is truly "the greatest gift." After viewing the world without him in it George is quick to return to the open arms of the people that love him the most.

For those of us that have grown up watching this holiday favorite, its hard to believe that when it was released on Christmas day 1946, it was a box-office disappointment (losing $525,000) and that critics panned it as being "too sentimental".

For years due too an administrative oversight It’s a Wonderful Life was part of the public domain, and over shown on TV stations throughout the holiday season sometimes dozens of times. Fixing this oversight paved the way for this heart-warming film to make it’s way to DVD.

Video quality is not what makes this disc though. The flaws are video numerous, and although most of them are obviously inherent in the master, a number of transfer flaws and artifacts are also clearly visible. It’s unfortunate that such a timeless film could not be better preserved for future generations.

The audio, also unspectacular, is Dolby Digital, but only stereo. This is understandable however considering the age of the film, and does not distract at all from the enjoyment of this disc.

Extras include an exclusive documentary "The Making of It’s a Wonderful Life", a special tribute to Frank Capra "A Personal Remembrance" hosted by Frank Capra Jr., the original trailer, and a special holiday ornament. Take off one point for putting the extras on one side, and the movie on the other. What’s up guys never heard of dual layers?

If you’re like me and need a little boost to get into the holiday spirit, then spike the eggnog and watch "It’s a Wonderful Life". Oh and if you get a chance ring a bell for Clarence.

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It's a Wonderful Life
Need a little boost to get into the holiday spirit?, then spike the eggnog and watch "It’s a Wonderful Life"


James Stewart
Donna Reed
Lionel Barrymore


Frank Capra

Length: 129
Studio: Liberty Films
MPAA Rating: NR