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T2 - The Ultimate Edition DVD

DVD Review by Yanman


"The Future is not set. There is no Fate, but what we make for ourselves"

Terminator 2 - Judgment Day, in 1991 it took the world by storm. For those that don't remember, this was the first time we had seen "Morphing", and CGI was just coming to the forefront. This movie helped us become the film fans that we are today (The T2 "I'm Back" teaser poster is predominately displayed to the right of our reference theater) While the original DVD version of the film was good, there were volumes of information; a complete special edition was available with deleted scenes added in sequence, among others. This is a must have, and has floated to the number 1 position of all of our Top 10 DVD lists.

Normally this is the space that we tell you something about the movie itself. For some movies this is just unnecessary. If you haven't seen T2 (or the original Terminator for that matter), go out and get it on DVD and watch it. There has not been a better way to watch since it was in theaters period!

If you read our reviews here often, you may be getting tired of hearing about Dolby Digital 5.1, or its DTS equivalent. Well, get ready to be shocked, this DVD has more then just 5.1 sound! It is encoded with the New Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX and DTS 5.1 ES. This adds a surround center speaker (Matrixed into the surround channel), which creates the effect of things coming up behind you. While we don't have a THX EX decoder yet (we are working on getting one), we have heard EX demo'd at trade shows and know how cool it must sound here. For those of us with "only" 5.1 however, the sound is still reference quality and one that you'll be sure to demo. Try the canal chase or Cyberdyne explosions for a full base effect. Or if bullets bouncing around are more your thing try…oh anyplace should work. If anyone in the Orlando area does have a full 5.1 EX setup available we would love to bring T2 out and have a listen. (We'll even bring the popcorn!) Just drop us a e-mail.

As for the anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen video, this transfer appears to be truly flawless. The deep blues and blacks real show here, and the colors in the steel mill are better defined then ever before.

Extras, that what makes a DVD a true movie collector's dream. No one will be disappointed here. Touted as coming on one DVD-18 (Dual Side/Dual Layer) flipper, ours showed up from Amazon as two DVD-9s (Single Side/Dual Layer). While there are plus and minuses to both types, we prefer the two disk idea. It allows those of us with multi-disc players (Like our reference Toshiba 5109) to put both discs in the player and just watch, without having to get up to flip. Then again if you watched all three versions of the movie (More on that in a second) you may want to get up after the first six hours or so. If you watched all the versions of the film (available through seamless branching), the feature length commentary, the "film school" Ultimate T2 DVD supplement, and all the other extras, it would take you over 30 or so hours to do it all. So set aside a weekend, or long one, to watch T2 and its extras in all there glory. 

Movies come and movies go, and their DVDs are usually all about the same. Terminator 2 was a large-scale movie that dwarfed is predecessor by comparison. The second version of the T2 DVD does the same in its metal casing and superior sound, video, and extras. After viewing this thing you'll be the one that "needs a vacation."

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This DVD was reviewed on's Reference Theater #1, using a Toshiba SD-5109 DVD player, Toshiba TW56X81, and M&K 750 THX Speakers. Panamax protects all systems at

T2 -The Ultimate Edition DVD

This is a must have, and has floated to the number 1 position of all of our Top 10 DVD lists.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Directed By:

James Cameron

Running time:  156 Mins
Rated: R
Genre:  Action

Bonus Materials

  • Commentary by 26 Members of cast and crew

  • Commentary by director James Cameron

  • Commentary by Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Theatrical trailer(s)

  • Over 6 hours of content

  • "The Making of T2" Featurette

  • "T2: More Than Meets the Eye" Featurette

  • "The Making of T2: 3-D:

  • Supplemental Material - additional features which cover every aspect of the Terminaotr 2: Judgement Day filmmaking process

  • Cast and Crew Information

  • Entire Screenplay

  • Over 700 Storyboards

  • Limited edition case

  • Special 32 page collector's booklet

  • Widescreen anamorphic format